Roz Savage – Living a purposeful life

There was an adventurer trapped in her body, but sitting as she was in her management consultant corporate suit, she did not know it yet. An attempt at writing her own obituary made her realize that our time in this planet is not infinite and that the person she was, was not how she would like to be remembered. Not having been particularly sporty and in a frame of just 1.60 meters, she had an epiphany. What if she crossed threeRead more

Pavan Sukhdev – Why are some things worth money and others not?

A seemingly innocuous question from a friend set him off. Why do some things have money value and others not? Frankly his text book economic answer did not appease his friend. What he had learnt in economics books did not convince this reknown economist, investment banker and trader either. Since then Pavan Sukhdev, author of international bestseller Corporation 2020 has set out to reinvent P&L’s to include our impact on nature and biodiversity.Read more