Asher Jay- Protecting Wildlife is About Protecting Humanity Too

She grew up almost a nomad, traveling with her parents to the different countries where their business was. Her schooling was an open minded one but even there she felt confined. An outlier, suspended and expelled she was too much of a child of nature even for a progressive school. Regular travel meant she had a feeling of nothing being constant, even down to household products consumed. But there was something that was always the same: her fixation with theRead more

Anna Tuori – Art is a solution without an explanation

Anna Tuori spends her days with canvasses and brushes, playing with colors and images. She paints utopic landscapes, she says, because it is good to imagine them, but reminds me than any attempt at creating these worlds in real life has been catastrophic. Her art is one of strong tensions, where beauty and dreams coincide and coexist with their opposites.Read more