Joonas Laurila – Celebrating his two legs

At the age of 18 he suffered a seemingly inoffensive sports injury in his right foot. A trip to the hospital for common obligatory tests led to an unexpected medical discovery. In matter of days, he was diagnosed with sarcoma sinovialis, a rare type of cancer that occurs near joints in the arms or legs.Read more

Eero Aarnio – On the making of an iconic chair

At eighty, Eero Aarnio is full of enthusiasm and charm. In the sixties, his Ball Chair took the world by storm. With his colorful plastic fantastic chairs, he broke the Nordic design paradigm. These were not quiet designs. Nor were chairs anymore four legs and a seat. Let’s find out how he found his voice and gave birth to one of the most iconic chairs of the century. During your childhood, Finland was at war. Tell me a little about yourRead more

Mika Vanhanen- How a little seed spread everywhere

It all began thirteen years ago in a teacher’s room in Eastern Finland. The Internet had arrived and the school was one of the first with a high-speed connection. The school was in Joensuu, a city well known for its forestry know-how. Inspired, this teacher embarked on a mission to connect children from around the world with sustainable development as a core mission. Today there are over 150 countries in the ENO (Environment Online) Network. Together, the kids from the ENO schools haveRead more