My Alphabet

A is for Attitude–  Attitude is about courage and spontaneity. It’s the courage and self acceptance of who you are.

B is for Bicycle, one of the most ingenious inventions and a great way to get from A to B without hurting the environment. Bicycles are of course also about balance, a great thing to learn in life.

C is for Curiosity is the cousin of Empathy and Discovery.

D is for Design– which is another way of seeking to solve problems, simply.

E is for Empathy, the most exquisite quality of our human nature.

F is for Frida. Do I even need to say Kahlo? Been infatuated wither since my childhood. What personality!

G is for Gratitude– gratitude is one of the best kept secrets to happiness.

H is for Home and Helsinki. Funny how these words start with H and are inextricably linked in my mind as grounding places.

I is for Integrity, a powerful word. Integrity is about being honest and consistent to one’s value systems. It is one of the most important qualities in a person, but it is equally important for a brand or organization.

J is for Joy. Really the French nailed it best: Joie de vivre. For me playfulness and joy are a state of mind and a lifestyle choice which make life such an infinite pleasure.

K is for Kite and scratched Knee because that cheeky carefree Kid always has a place inside you.

L for Liberty, as in freedom but also as in my favorite shop in London.

M is for Movement, because it keeps us vibrant and our brain oxygenated.

N is for Nature, ours and the planet’s as interconnected and one.

O is for Opportunity- there is a silver lining to every cloud.

P is for Play, Philosophy and Poetry because spending some time splashing water, reading beautiful lyrics or reflecting on whether the chair exists are truly delightful things.

Q is for the Question, The best discoveries start with a question.

R is for the Repair, which is an important part of life: repairing old things, repairing relationships and overcoming failure.

S for Serve because serving others brings positive emotion to all sides involved.

T is for Tension Tension between opposites is what makes art interesting. I recently read Marimekko designer Fujiwo Ishimoto saying that his design philosophy resides in the tension between simplicity and excitement. How right he is.

U is for Us, to save this planet we need to think less me and more we.

V is for the V&A, a great Museum, with a great shop and cafeteria.

W is for Wikis in celebration of the birth of a collaborative society.

X is for Mexico, the sound of the consonant in so many of the words in my country which reminds me of who I and where I come from

Y is for Yoga– An eagle pose and downward dog are the start of a great day.

Z is for sleep, wonderful restful sleep.



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