Game Changer is available in books and Google Play for dowloads, including a free sample. It is available in Finnish and English.

Game changing innovation is never evolutionary. By definition it’s revolutionary. Game changing requires us to tap into who we are and why we do things. It begins with the desire to solve a problem with fresh new eyes, rather than simply improve on an existing solution.

This book is for those of you who want to seize that opportunity; you who believe you can make a positive impact in our fast changing world. The challenges are many but so are the opportunities.

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When I took a sabbatical from work in 2012  I pictured I would travel the world to get to know inspiring people that would open my world view. But when I realised that to meet the most interesting people in the world, all you have to do is open your heart and your mind, I decided instead of traveling to simply open my front door.

This experience also gave me the opportunity to meet Finns from different walks of life I normally would not meet, After all, we live rather compartmentalised lives. Physicians often meet other doctors. Poets meet up with other writers, business people with entrepreneurs and artists with designers.

Honest.Finnish.Magic, Aitoja.Ihania.Omanlaisia is a series of interviews of amazing Finns, which illustrates why Finland, a tiny country in the tip of the world with only 5 million inhabitants, rocks the world charts in education, child welfare, happiness, transparency and competitiveness.


Buy: Honest. Finnish. Magic.

Buy: Aitoja. Ihania. Omanlaisia.