About this blog

The world is crying for game changers!

Game changers are those brave, intrepid, courageous, optimistic and impatient individuals, who put their ingenuity, passion and drive to solve the world’s most wicked problems, now.

Game changers often approach problems in totally new ways. Sometimes in retrospect their approach may seem simple, even obvious, but at the time it most often was the absolute opposite.

The Game Changers section in this blog is a tribute to and a series of interviews of some of these amazing individuals. I post every week or two, on Thursdays. My book by the same title is due out in August 2016.

Honest.Finnish.Magic is a series of interviews of inspiring Finns, which illustrates why Finland is rocking the world charts in education, child welfare, happiness, transparency and competitiveness. When I took a sabbatical from work in 2012  I pictured I would travel the world to get to know inspiring people from different walks of life. But when I realised that to meet the most interesting people in the world, all you have to do is open your heart and your mind, instead of traveling I decided to open my front door.

And that is how Honest.Finnish.Magic came about. In the course of one year I met individuals age 6 to 80, I met philosophers and artists, politicians and  scientists, musicians and teachers, architects and entrepreneurs, designers and film makers, politicians and people behind grass root movements. Most of these individuals I did not know before but they graciously took a call from a stranger and took it from there. These interviews, carried out in the fall of 2012 and the spring of 2013, were originally posted in a blog which gathered fans from all over the world. In 2014 they were published as a book in both English and Finnish in 2014.

As I reopen the blog, I am delighted to re-post these old articles. I hope these amazing Finns continue to gather fans all over the world for years to come. Wisdom does not age.

I was born and raised in Mexico (née Blanca Merino), dreaming of one day serving my country. A serendipitous meeting in the lounge of Darwin College in Cambridge with a Finnish Philosopher changed the course of my life. Since then Finland has become my second homeland. I have worked in every continent of the world and have been fortunate to play a role in some of the game changing technologies (mobile telephony and internet, gaming and social media) that have shrunk the world and made it one.

I am Chief Corporate Relations at Heineken where we are driven by the wish of brewing a better world.

I am also an advisor to Playmob, a fascinating startup building bridges between games and social causes. In 2015 Fortune named me one of 10 most powerful women in gaming.

To know more about me, visit My Alphabet and My Proust Questionnaire.