Kai Sauer- Diplomacy Needs To Evolve But Is As Relevant Today

Travel was something he started to do at an early age. But he didn’t reach exotic places by plane like most of us. Instead, he spent months aboard a container ship with his captain dad. Such experiences kicked in a fascination for people and cultures from different lands and they also coloured the rest of his life: he knew he did not want to be anywhere too long. He spent years supporting the peace process in Kosovo and Ache; strengthening commercialRead more

Caroline Webb- How To Have A Good Day

Many of us feel we have little control over the lives we live. Some days are good but many are splattered with difficulties. Managing work, bills, family, hobbies and rest is sometimes a juggling act and quite a struggle. Can we alter our reality? Can we make bad days better? Meet Caroline Webb, an economist and ex McKinsey partner, who is looking into these questions by digging into data from behavioural sciences (economics, neuroscience and psychology). In her book How To Have ARead more

Emiliano Kargieman- the power of information technology in space

“There is a structural problem with poverty”, he tells me, “which is as much about resource allocation as about distribution”. The problem, he says “won’t get easier when we need to feed and provide energy for 10 billion people sustainably.” These were the questions he was pondering way before he founded Satellogic, a company aiming to provide the world with a network of sensors in space. Meet Emiliano Kargieman, EK to his friends, Mathematician, Philosopher and entrepreneur who believes that the constellation of affordableRead more

Roz Savage – Living a purposeful life

There was an adventurer trapped in her body, but sitting as she was in her management consultant corporate suit, she did not know it yet. An attempt at writing her own obituary made her realize that our time in this planet is not infinite and that the person she was, was not how she would like to be remembered. Not having been particularly sporty and in a frame of just 1.60 meters, she had an epiphany. What if she crossed threeRead more

Pavan Sukhdev – Why are some things worth money and others not?

A seemingly innocuous question from a friend set him off. Why do some things have money value and others not? Frankly his text book economic answer did not appease his friend. What he had learnt in economics books did not convince this reknown economist, investment banker and trader either. Since then Pavan Sukhdev, author of international bestseller Corporation 2020 has set out to reinvent P&L’s to include our impact on nature and biodiversity.Read more

Mariana Matus- The Hidden Value of Poop!

Growing up with constant water shortages made her truly value this precious resource, which is at the heart of life. Days without water were always stressful. Things many of us take for granted like food preparation, sanitation or taking a shower when it is hot required a lot of extra planning and took time away from other activities. Her work with residual water has taken her to the labs of UNAM (the National University of Mexico), Wageningen University in theRead more

Jude Ower- Bringing Games and Social Good Together

She inherited a wild passion for games from her mother: board games, card games, word games, console games, mobile games, self-made games, all kind of games. And how lucky she was to be born in Dundee, the UK capital of video games. Great for the sheer fun, thrill and adrenaline of playing, games she soon discovered, also create spaces to engage with others, to learn and to bond. A thought caught her imagination. What if games could also be a sourceRead more

Asher Jay- Protecting Wildlife is About Protecting Humanity Too

She grew up almost a nomad, traveling with her parents to the different countries where their business was. Her schooling was an open minded one but even there she felt confined. An outlier, suspended and expelled she was too much of a child of nature even for a progressive school. Regular travel meant she had a feeling of nothing being constant, even down to household products consumed. But there was something that was always the same: her fixation with theRead more

Andrew Hewitt – For-Benefit Companies Are Changing The World

A few years down the road, a career coach helping college graduates land the job of their dreams realises many are not thriving when the sole purpose of their work is profit maximisation. This makes him question the whole concept of success. Meet Andrew Hewitt, whose  Game Changers 500 ranks the world’s top for-benefit businesses that are not only good at making money, but also good at making the world a better place.Read more